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VoIP ServicePacket8
Our Rating
Monthly PriceFrom $16.58, unlimited minutes. Exclusive OrderVoIP.com promotion!. Plus save up to $95!
Activation CostFREE! (Save $29.99)
No‑Risk Trial30-day no-risk trial
Equipment CostFREE!
Contract Required1 Year
Termination Cost$59.00, first 12 months only

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Packet8 offers 2 fantastic opprtunities for huge savings on their most popular plans:

Option 1: Choose the Packet8 Freedom Unlimited Monthly Plan and get free activation after a mail-in rebate, free equipment with an instant discount, and a free month of service; total savings is nearly $95.00.  Save an additional $100 on the purchase of the all-new Tango videophone!

Option 2: Save $100 by paying for a year in full with the Packet8 Freedom Annual Plan, plus save up to $95 in rebates and savings! (Download rebate coupons here)

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*See terms and conditions below. Get Packet8 Today!

Our Opinion

Packet8 is one of our featured VoIP providers for good reason: Not only were they recently rated Best VoIP Service (read press release and article), their pricing, features, and voice quality are second-to-none. Plus, Packet8 just made their Freedom Unlimited plan even better. In addition to getting unlimited calls in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, you'll also get free unlimited calls to Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom!

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Sign up today and save nearly $95 on select Freedom Unlimited plans!!

Instant Equipment Savings (Standard Adapter or Uniden UIP160P) -39.99
Activation Rebate -30.00
1 Free Month Service -24.99

Terms and Conditions: $30 activation rebate offer valid on Packet8 residential service activation (Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Annual or Freedom Unlimited VideoPhone) and the purchase of a qualifying Packet8 VoIP device. Valid through 12/31/07 with a Packet8 service activation.

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Service Description

Packet8 is quickly becoming the leader in the fast-growing VoIP internet phone world. Packet8's basic plan costs only $24.99 per month (or $16.58 with the $199 annual plan) and includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. All plans include every feature imaginable, all at a much lower price than what you'd get from your local phone company. International calls are additional, but rates are exceptionally low. In fact, Packet8's international rates are among the lowest in our rate comparison

Packet8 VoIP is affordable. Choose from a free standard telephone adapter or a free Uniden cordless phone to get started. Activation is free after a rebate: rebate form here)

Once you sign up for service, Packet8 will ship your adapter or telephone, and you'll activate it through the Packet8 website. Then, just hook it up to your network router (if you need a router, visit our hardware page for our top-rated routers available for immediate purchase on Amazon.com). Simply connect any standard telephone to the standard telephone adapter, otherwise, just pick up your new Uniden phone, and your service will be active

Packet8 offers true E911 service (learn more), toll free numbers, distinctive ringing, and virtual phone numbers in other area codes. They also are the only provider to offer affordable, high-quality videophone service for just $24.95 per month. The Packet8 Tango, with its huge color screen, is now available for only $99 after a $100 mail-in rebate.

Check out our Business VoIP page to learn more about Packet8's "Virtual Office", an amazing system suitable for any business who wants to enjoy the cost savings associated with VoIP while enjoying the rich functionality of a full-featured office-based PBX system.

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Available Plans


  • Freedom Annual (Best Value), Unlimited (US-based) $199/year ($16.58/month)
  • Freedom Unlimited, Unlimited (US-based) $24.99
  • Freedom Unlimited Global, Unlimited minutes to select countries, $49.99


  • Freedom Unlimited Residential, Unlimited (US-based) $24.99


  • Virtual Office, Unlimited, $49.99
  • Business 2000, 2000 minutes, $39.99
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