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VoIP ServicePacket 8 Virtual Office
Our Rating
Monthly PriceFrom $49.99, unlimited minutes
Activation Cost$39.99
No‑Risk Trial30-day no-risk trial
Equipment Cost$129.99 per extension
Contract RequiredNone
Termination Cost$59.00, first 12 months only

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Our Opinion

Packet8 is one of our featured VoIP providers for good reason: Not only were they recently rated Best VoIP Service (read press release and article), their pricing, features, and voice quality are second-to-none. With our exclusive $150 rebate on the Virtual Office "Starter Kit", Packet8 represents the best value in businessVoIP today, with all the PBX-like features you expect, at an annual cost lower than any other business phone system.

Whether your business is based in the United States or abroad, Packet8's Virtual Office can help it run more efficiently, while helping to cut communications costs dramatically. Take a closer look at Virtual Office's feature list - we're sure you'll be impressed at its capabilities.

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Virtual Office Startup Cost Per Extension

Virtual Office Equipment 129.99
Activation Per Extension 39.99
Monthly Cost Per Extension 49.99
Regulatory Fee 4.50
E911 Service Fee 5.97
OrderVoIP Starter Kit Savings (per extension) (50.00)
Total Startup Cost (Per Extension) $181.64
Save $150 on Packet8 Virtual Office now!

Service Description

Packet8's flagship business VoIP product, called Virtual Office, is an amazing system suitable for any business who wants to enjoy the cost savings associated with VoIP while enjoying the rich functionality of a full-featured office-based PBX system. At only $49.95 per month per extension, the Virtual Office plan is very affordable. The plan includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the US and Canada, unlimited extension-to-extension calling (regardless of where the extensions are located in the world), and of course, the standard phone features, such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and business-class voicemail. Additional features include:

  • Unlimited Calling - using the Internet backbone for routing telephone calls substantially reduces phone bills
  • Unlimited and free extension-to-extension dialing anywhere in the world
  • Auto-Attendant, a powerful automated system that can replace the need for a receptionist, is available to callers 24-hours a day and can transfer calls (dial by extension, name, company directory)
  • Full Featured Conference Bridge - an audio conferencing system that provides a way to hold meetings involving participants at multiple sites around the world (automatic email confirmation of conference bridge reservation)
  • Business-class Voicemail, a powerful tool when you cannot answer the phone, includes up to 8 pre-recorded greeting options
  • Virtual Numbers - secondary numbers with the same or different area codes that ring a organization's primary number(s) and costs just $4.95 per number. In addition to making it easier for callers to phone a number in their same area code, even if you or your business reside thousands of miles away. Virtual numbers can also enhance a small organization's ability to manage incoming calls. Virtual phone numbers are useful for frequent callers of your company, providing them with the ability to call directly into voicemail, conference bridges and auto-attendant without human intervention
  • Virtual Office's Switchboard - a software application to assist your organization's receptionist or operator in call management and only costs $19.95 a month.

The reality is that Virtual Office delivers more advanced features than most business PBX systems, but without the considerable startup expense of these systems. International calls are additional, but rates are exceptionally low. In fact, Packet8's international rates are among the lowest in our rate comparison.

Once you sign up for Virtual Office service, Packet8 will ship you telephone sets, each with its own telephone adapter. Simply connect the phone set to the telephone adapter, and the adapter to your router (if you need a router, visit our hardware page for our top-rated routers available for immediate purchase on Amazon.com). Once you activate your extension on the Packet8 website, your service will be active.

Save $150 on Packet8 Virtual Office now!

Available Plans


  • Virtual Office, Unlimited, $49.95
  • Business 2000, 2000 minutes, $39.95
Save $150 on Packet8 Virtual Office now!