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VoIP ServiceSkype
Our Rating
Monthly PriceUnlimited free calling PC to PC, pay-per-call for PC to phone.
Activation Cost$0
No‑Risk TrialN/A
Equipment CostJust a PC!
Contract RequiredNone
Termination CostN/A

Our Opinion

For customers seeking a reliable, high-quality, low cost VoIP solution, Skype is the perfect fit. Skype was initialy designed solely for PC to PC calling, and it's now the standard by which all PC-based VoIP systems are based. Make a call with Skype, and you won't believe how good the sound quality is. In most cases, it sounds better than a standard landline phone. And because many people don't have PCs available where they are, SkypeOut allows users to place calls to landline and mobile phones, instead of just to other PCs. his means that you can now call virtually anyone in the world, whether or not they have a PC, and the international rates are among the lowest of all VoIP providers.

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Service Description

Having just celebrated its 1st birthday, Skype is a relatively new player in the rapidly-growing VoIP world, and with nearly 150 million software downloads, it's proven to be quite popular. Skype's philosophy is that everyone should be able to take advantage of the power of the internet by making high-quality voice calls for little or no cost. Why not talk to anyone, anywhere, for free. The groundbreaking original Skype software is now better than ever, and fulfills Skype's wishes beautifully.

The Skype software download is free, and works a lot like most instant messenger clients. You simply create a free account and then download and install the software. Once you're up and running, you can locate other friends who are logged on and contact them. You'll need a headset with a built-in microphone, or even a set of regular desktop speakers and a separate microphone. Just double click on your friend's name to call him/her, and in a few seconds, you're talking. The sound quality of Skype, whether you use headphones or your desktop speakers, can be (depending on your connection and other specifics) leaps and bounds better than a standard telephone. The bass tones are richer, the high notes are crisper. You won't believe you're talking on the computer! And all this is free.

Of course, some people don't have computers, so how can you call them from your computer? Very easily, with SkypeOut! You'll still be using your computer to call, but now you can call any mobile or landline phone in the world. Simply register for a SkypeOut account at the Skype website, use your credit card to load your account with funds, and begin calling your friends all over the US and the world at calling rates you won't believe. You won't receive any bills - just use up and recharge your SkypeOut credits.

You can also take advantage of SkypeIn, which allows you to purchase standard telephone numbers in various cities so your non-computer-enabled friends and relatives can call you anytime on your PC. Your Skype software will ring with callerID letting you know who's calling. And SkypeIn service comes with a free voicemail subscription (available separately) so your friends can leave you voicemails anytime. Order Skype now!

Available Plans

PC to PC Calling

  • Free! Unlimited!

PC to Phone Calling  

Voicemail Service

  • Around $15/year, $5 for 3 months

SkypeIn Virtual Numbers

  • Around $30/year, $10 for 3 months
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