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VoIP ServiceViaTalk
Our Rating
Monthly PriceFrom $16.58, unlimited minutes with 1-year prepay.
Activation Cost$29.95
No‑Risk Trial14-day no-risk trial
Equipment CostFree!
Contract RequiredNone
Termination CostNone

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Pay just $16.58/month when you prepay for 1-year of service. Order ViaTalk Now!

Service Description

ViaTalk, another newcomer to the VoIP field, offers a solid service with lots of included features. Their pricing packages are flexible, offering discounts for longer-term contracts of as little as three months. For example, their unlimited package, not much of a bargain at $22.95/month, drops to only $16.58/month with a 12-month prepaid commitment.

ViaTalk's service is much like the others, offering similar features and functionality. the "VT_Unlimited" plan includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the US and Canada. The "VT_500" plan offers 500 minutes in the US and Canada per month, but unlimited calling to other ViaTalk customers. All plans include caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and enhanced voicemail, all at a much lower price than what you'd get from your local phone company. International calls are billed separately, and rates are low.

During the sign up process, you can choose which telephone adapter you'd like to have. ViaTalk offers a standard Linksys 2-port adapter for free, and then a few others at a modest upgrade price. You can also elect to use your own adapter if you already have one (it must be unlocked in order to work with the ViaTalk network).

Like many other VoIP providers, ViaTalk offers E911 service in select areas, which ensures that 911 calls are routed as emergency traffic, and accompanied by personal information -- the same way as your local carrier works. Other VoIP providers, if they support 911 at all, will send your call to a general access lines, not the 911 emergency response center where 911 calls normally go. Order ViaTalk Now!

Available Plans


  • VT_Unlimited Annual $199 Best Value!
  • VT_Unlimited, Unlimited minutes(US-based) $22.95
  • VT_500, 500 minutes (US-based) $14.95


  • VT_Business 1500, 1500 minutes, $34.95
  • VT_Business Unlimited, Unlimited minutes, $42.95
Order ViaTalk Now!