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VoIP ServiceNetZero VoIP
Our Rating
Monthly PriceFrom $14.99 unlimited minutes, no contract!, 1 month free.
Activation CostFREE!
No‑Risk Trial1 month
Equipment CostN/A
Contract RequiredNone
Termination CostNone

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1 month free + No Activation Fee + Free Headset! Get 1 Month of NetZero VoIP Free!

Our Opinion

NetZero VoIP is a new product, and so far, we're very impressed with it. We've tried it on our own PCs and have had great success with it. Sound quality is fantastic, it's easy to use, and it includes features that you'd expect to pay a lot more for. Although Skype offers a service similar in features and quality, but you'll end up paying more for the same set of features found on the NetZero Unlimited plan. Try the service free for a month and cancel if you don't like it. We're betting that once you get used to making calls from anywhere you go, you'll be hooked like we were.

NetZero VoIP Features

NetZero Bundles Lots of Valuable Features With Their VoIP Service

Unlimited PC-to-PC Calling
Unlimited Domestic Long Distance Calls (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
Personal Inbound Telephone Number
Works Over Dial-Up Internet
Advanced Calling Features (Call Waiting, 3-Way, etc.)
Conference Call Limits
Included Email Account
Get 1 Month of NetZero VoIP Free!

Service Description

NetZero has recently entered the VoIP market, and has done so in style. While their service offers only computer-to-telephone calling, NetZero includes a ton of features to make the service feel as much like a normal phone as possible - so much, that despite having to use your computer to make the calls, you'd never know the difference.

For a limited time, NetZero is offering 1 month free on all plans, so you can try the service, risk free!

Although the NetZero services can't be compared directly to the other VoIP services on this site, they're priced lower and are a perfect fit for the mobile worker. Only a handful of VoIP providers offer the capability to make calls using your computer - this is referred to as a softphone (software that lets you make phone calls from your computer). NetZero's VoIP service acts only as a softphone, which means that taking your phone with you couldn't be easier! Install NetZero VoIP on your notebook or desktop, find any internet connection (BONUS: NetZero VoIP works over a dial up connection, too!), plug in your headphone/microphone combo, and you're talking on the phone. It's never been easier to make calls on the run, and with the unlimited use plan, you'll never pay more than $14.95/month (doesn't include international calls) to call anyone in the US or Canada.

NetZero knows that users demand a phone-like experience, so they've included all kinds of phone-related features. You'll get call waiting, caller ID, caller ID call waiting, voicemail, 3-way calling, call fowarding (with "find me, follow me" functionality), and even your own inbound telephone number so anyone can call you, no matter where you are. If you travel out of the country, your friends and family can still call you with the convenience of a local number.

International calls are additional, but rates are among the lowest of all providers. See our rate table for a comparison.

Get 1 Month of NetZero VoIP Free!

Available Plans


  • Voice Unlimited, Unlimited (US-based) $14.99
  • Super 250, 250 minutes $9.95
  • Super 100, 100 minutes $3.95
  • Pay As You Go, FREE ($.02/minute),
  • FreeVoice, FREE PC-to-PC minutes, FREE
Get 1 Month of NetZero VoIP Free!