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VoIP ServiceVoIP.com
Our Rating
Monthly PriceFrom $16.58, unlimited minutes. LOWEST INTERNATIONAL RATES!
Activation Cost$0 (with annual plan)
No‑Risk Trial30 days
Equipment CostFree!
Contract RequiredNone
Termination Cost$39.95

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Free equipment, free activation, and free shipping make the $199 annual plan only $16.58/month! Or get a free month of service with the unlimited $19.95/month plan. To take advantage of this offer, click the VoIP.com logo above.

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Our Opinion

VoIP.com is quickly becoming a leader in the VoIP industry. Their approach of providing solid value, high quality, great service, and a fantastic feature set is winning them praise. We're very impressed with VoIP.com, and recomment their service without any reservation. With the 30-day risk-free guarantee, the lowest international rates, and the inclusion of virtually every known VoIP feature, we're sure you won't be disappointed!

VoIP.com Extras

Bottom Line Pricing on Annual Plan - Tax Included
Free Equipment, Free Shipping, No Activation Fee
30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
First month of service free (with $19.95/month plan only, not valid with any other offers or promotions)
Rock-Bottom International Calling Rates
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Service Description

It's widely understood that you get what you pay for - when you pay more, you expect more. VoIP.com contradicts that trusty old adage by giving its customers even more than they pay for. VoIP.com is a newcomer to OrderVoIP.com, and we're happy to include them as one of our top providers. Unlike most other providers, they offer a huge feature set, terrifically low pricing, and high quality service. It's a simple formula, but one that many other providers are unable to replicate.

For a low $199 upfront payment, VoIP.com provides 12 months of unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and includes free equipment and shipping. While a few other providers have similar plans, VoIP.com stands out in the sheer number of standard features it includes and the rock-bottom international calling rates they offer. How about calling China for 1.6 cents/minute, Australia for 1.9 cents/minute, or Japan for 4 cents/minute?

If you'd rather pay monthly, VoIP.com offers a $19.95/month plan (cheaper than most competitors) which offers the same unlimited calls to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with the same comprehensive feature list, including advanced voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, speed dialing, last number redial (*69), comprehensive online account management (you can even view your call logs!), and simultaneous ringing (so incoming calls can ring your home phone and your mobile phone simultaneously, if you like).

All VoIP.com plans allow you to transfer your existing number, or choose a new one in virtually any area code. You can choose a second "virtual" number that rings your main line, so your family across the country can call you by dialing a local number. Soon, VoIP.com will offer international area codes, so you can even have your family overseas call you for the cost of a local call! All VoIP.com plans come with a no-risk 30-day trial, so if you're not happy with the service, simply cancel and return the equipment.

Once you sign up for service, VoIP.com will ship you a telephone adapter that you'll connect to your internet connection (no router necessary), and then you'll connect your home phone. It's so simple to set up, anyone can do it.

For a limited time, VoIP.com will throw in a free telephone adapter, free activation, and free shipping when you sign up for the $199 annual plan (only $16.58/month)!

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Available Plans


  • Unlimited Annual, Unlimited $199.00/year (free equipment, shipping & activation) Best Value!
  • Unlimited Monthly, Unlimited $19.95/month (first month free)
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