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VoIP ServiceVerizon VoiceWing
Our Rating
Monthly Price$24.95, unlimited minutes
Activation Cost$19.95 (currently being waived)
No‑Risk Trial30-day no-risk trial
Equipment Cost$0
Contract Required1 Year
Termination Cost$19.95 during first year after initial 30 days

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Our Opinion

VoiceWing is much like the other services out there, but these days with many providers offering a year of service for only $199 (about $16 a month), it comes up a bit short on price and features. Just like Vonage's unlimited plan, the $24.95 plan is expensive. With Sunrocket offering $199 a year VoIP, and even with Packet8 ofering an unlimited plan for only $19.95 per month, why would anyone want to pay more for an arguably inferior service? Compared to the other providers, Verizon doesn't offer much, and their long distance and international calling rates are the second highest in the group of services we feature on this site.

And to complicate things even more, Verizon requires customers to set up an "Extra Services" account, which is charged as you use long distance and international calling features. No end-of-month payment is allowed - prepayment is required. Order Verizon VoiceWing Now!

Service Description

Verizon is a new entry to the increasingly crowded VoIP world. Two plans are offered ? the $24.95 per month unlimited, and the $19.95/month, 500-minute plan. Order Verizon VoiceWing Now!

Available Plans


  • VoiceWing Standard, Unlimited, $24.95
  • VoiceWing 500, 500 Minutes, $19.95

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