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Real-Life Experiences

Dan Steinholz, Web Designer, Phoenix, AZ

"As a self-employed individual, I love the flexibility VoIP provides me. Initially, I loved the idea of being able to transport my phone number with me wherever I went, but the other features, especially the unlimited long-distance calling, make me just as happy.

"I frequently travel, so I bring my VoIP adapter with me. When I reach my destination, I just plug it into the high-speed connection at the hotel, or the office, or my parents' place, and have an instant phone with my same home number. My friends never know where I am, but they can always call me on the same number.

"And, when I'm not in the office, or when the system is not connected, my calls are automatically forwarded to my cell phone. I wish it was harder to reach me sometimes!!!"

Rick Cleveland, Financial Services Vice President, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Because of my job, I'm constantly traveling and working on long-term assignments all over the country and sometimes, the world. Instead of relying on my cell phone and its spotty service all the time, I purchased a VoIP solution. Now,I just take my VoIP telephone adapter with me wherever I go, and plug it in for a ready-to-use phone line.

"Now, no matter where I am, I have my home phone line with me and can make unlimited calls in the US and Canada. My family can call me at any time, and regardless of where I am, I can place and receive calls. Even when I'm working on the other side of the world, I never feel out of touch because I have a US-based phone line to use anytime I need it -- a welcome comfort indeed."

Maria de la Cruz, Graduate Student, Arlington, Virginia

"I have friends all over the world, and calling everyone was costing too much money. I tried using online voice chats, but it was awkward sitting in front of my PC. I just signed up for a residential VoIP service and it's absolutely amazing. I dropped my phone company, I pay about half as much every month for the line (no tax, either!), and best of all, I can call my friends all over the world for pennies per minute. I don't even think twice before calling them. In fact, when they want to talk, they call me for one minute, hang up, and I call them back! And at the end of the month, I still pay less than I did for my old line!"

Joyce Navarro, President, Software Consulting Firm, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I checked the prices of office phone systems and they were outrageous -- thousands of dollars. With Packet8's Virtual Office system, I have beautiful desktop phones that look very prestigious and professional, an automated answering system with call routing and messaging, music on hold, transferring, conference calls, even a switchboard! It's truly incredible in terms of features and functionality, and it's just hard to believe that it costs only $39 a month."